Dienstag, März 26, 2013

Before / After stool...

this ugly stool I found for some $$ in a thriftstore. With some ideas in head I bought it immediately.
Back home it tooked me about an hour to refresh that little thing.
From some old bed linen I cut out the pillow and tacked it to the pillowframe.
I sanded the wood, painted the stool in a mint green and fixed it with a paintfixer.

Sonntag, März 17, 2013

Donnerstag, März 14, 2013

shabby chic rose clothes hangers...

Today I had time to tinker again. I always wanted to refresh my boring clothes hangers and this is something I have now succeeded. 

Your needs:

nice napkin
decoupage glue

With the decoupage technique I decorated my white boring Ikea hangers into beautiful shabby chic hangers. The technique is very simple. With the decoupage glue, which you can get in any craft store, paint  the hanger with a small brush. That the surface doesn't dries out, I've always done it step by step. I have measured out about how big the napkin piece should be and put it carefully on the wet surface. Then paint again over with the decoupage glue and let it dry.

Each hanger is a handmade unique piece, because you place the napkin criss-cross. It always looks good. The whole thing takes a bit of patience, but the result is awesome. For now I leave it by 4 pieces, but when I have some free time again I might going to do some more hangers.

Sonntag, März 10, 2013

hello my new pantry...

Sunday work is done after 6 hours painting, cleaning, waiting, fixing it, decoration it and stock up with all the pantry goods from the basement. 

pantry stock

It turned out well, exactly like I want it to have. It still looks old and is the same color as before. 
First the glaze was really bright white but after the dry it turned into a clear light green grey...puhhh.

Samstag, März 09, 2013

kitchen pantry...


oh, how much I love a little organized pantry with a good stock of food, homemade marmalade and sun-dried tomatoes next to my kitchen? Soooo much I love it!!

Last few days we were cleaning out a house near us and I found a cute little empty about 100 years old armoire in the garage. My thoughts were already how good it would look like next to our kitchen as a pantry. It already has a very nice light green old touch. I asked the owner if I can have it and he said take it or it lands in the trash can. I don't let him say this twice...hehe this is too useful to ditch it.

All I wanna do with it, is just sand it a bit and make a fine light glaze on it. It should look like all the years before just a little bit fresher and cleaner. Oh yeah clean is the right word for it, because it was so dirty standing down there for ages not getting touched at all!

You can't see the frontdoor right now because I washed it down in the garden where it is now chilling in the warm wind to get dry.

As soon it's finsih I will come back and show you the before and after pictures. Can't wait do get it done...oh yeas tomorrow it's sunday and I have time all day long :)

*Pantry I love*

Pantry via

Pantry via

Sonntag, März 03, 2013

news from austria...

last few days I was in Innsbruck, Austria for my last snowboard competition in halfpipe. As every year the comp is pretty familiar and chill out, good vibes, good food, sound and people. It's the springsession  coming together for all the oldschool snowboardpros from Austria and the youngster aswell.
The pipe is not that big, usually I am into double the size of this pipe in my homeresort. But I like that kinda too. It's easy to ride and I love it when the walls are soft. But you can't give all your energy into it because the walls and the transition are not that long and it's to dangerous to go massive at all.

Like last year I took first place again and walked away with some nice goodies and some cash $$$ yeahhh.

Austrian Master Women Halfpipe 2013

First place for me :)

Gondola to the top

Silvana and me ready to drop


During my free time in the afternoons I went to the city checking out the oldtown and all the shops. Innsbruck is a very nice architecture city and it has a lot of nice little coffee's, bars and restaurants. Every Saturday they have some fleamarkets round town running. You also can find a big farmersmarket which is open everyday except Sundays.

Eastern sweets
Oldtown Innsbruck

For my eastern decorations back home I found some nice things to buy. They got some good shops like Depot at the big Kaufhaus-Tyrol Mall or the Müller store at the Rathausgalerien. There you also can find the Butler's store with nice home accessories and furniture.

Eastern decoration

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