Freitag, August 29, 2014

Little night table found a shabby friend...


...finally I found a second night table for our bedroom, then the other one was way too big, always knocked the door on it.

I painted it with the Annie Sloan chalk paint old white, with that 1 Liter of paint I already painted a big armoire, a salver, some deco, a floorlamp, three baskets and this little night table, and I've not even used 1/4 of paint, it's amazing how much you can paint with 1 Liter it's so much fun.
For the antique touch you can use a dark wax but I didn't need it because the wood was already brown and it shimmers through the white paint.

Samstag, August 23, 2014

The old antique floorlamp goes shabby chic... grandma asked me if I wanna have this old lamp for my home and I immediately told her yes why not!
Already had a plan, what I am gonna do with this not so nice old lamp.
As I learned that I can use chalk paint on metal, iron and brass too, I tried it out on this floorlamp and it looks awesome!!!

For the lampshade I still got a white shabby one at home which fits perfect on the lamp.

Montag, August 18, 2014

Chalk paint painted chair...

...last Monday I finally went to a Chalk paint workshop in my village ( and it was so great. Chalk paint was developed from Annie Sloan in 1990 (
This paint is amazing and I will never buy the acryl color again, bye bye...

to a wonderful lady for her new Coffeeshop


after, old white and country grey, clear wax whole chair and dark wax on top, some scratches on the sides

It more pricey but that's worth it!! The finish chalk painted furniture have such another touch feeling then a normal acryl painted one, it's more real, real shabby and you don't have to sand the furniture for hours, you just can paint over it and it stays!!

Annie Sloan Video

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