Freitag, Mai 17, 2013

Bulgur (also bulghur, burghul or bulgar) Salad...

I think last week I've done my best Tabouleh salad ever.
This dish is most common in European, Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine. I made my version of a mediterranean salad last week. It tasted so good. I could eat the whole pan. But the leftover were intended for next days lunch at work.

The recipe is so easy. I used pre cooked Bio Bulgur from Alnatura. It only takes you about 15 min. to cook.

Meanwhile cut some paprikas, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and fresh herbs like coriander, parsley or basilic. If you take some coriander buy it at an asian store, there it's fresh and it tastes much more then from a normal supermarket. And the basilic, take it from your garden if you have one ;)
For the sauce I just left some little bit of water in the pan and squirt some fresh lemonjuice over it. Put everything together and let it rest for 1h in the fridge. It tastes warm or cold, whatever you like. 

*Bon appetite*
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