Mittwoch, Februar 27, 2013

new wall color...

we are looking forward to paint our walls in the entry room and down to the basement about 12m2, but really can't decide which color is the best. I like so many colors, but we need one, which don't make the room smaller than it is now. 

First thought was something in moos green, light not bright, soft but not to soft...

ahhhhh and now i found some lavender, lilac colors...but beige or cream I like too.

 It's so hard haha. Any good ideas?

Here are some ideas from different rooms I must thinking into the entry room...uhmmm





I hung up some colorpalette on the wall and everytime someone of us is looking at it, we have to do marks on the favorite colors. 

The goal is to take the color with the most marks...ha ha ha. We will see if THIS color is doing the final run :)
Or should we paint it white again?

Sonntag, Februar 24, 2013

sunday morning breakfast...

who don't love Sunday mornings when you can sleep chill and have a nice relaxed breakfast with your love? I do love it! Especially when I get some homemade delicious soft white butterbread with peanutbutter, jam and a cup off coffee.

For that I have an easy quick recipe. Because we love it so much we always make some more. So you can freeze half of the bread and take it out and bake it for short time again whenever you want.

This makes about 2 big white butterbreads or 4 smalls:

1 kg white flower or plaited loaf flower

1 teaspoon salt about 20 g
                              30 g fresh yeast or 1 pack dry yeast
2 teaspoon sugar
300 ml whole milk
200 ml water
120 g room temperature butter
1 egg

Mix flower and salt in a pan together. Dissolve yeast with sugar in a little light warm liquid and ad to the flower. Pour in milk and water and knead it into a smooth dough. I always do it with my kitchen aid. Add the soft butter pieces and knead the dough smooth. If the dough is too sticky add some more flower if it's too dry at some more liquid. Cover and rise it at room temperature to the double dough. After beat dough up and left it for another 30 minutes.
After this process break dough in half, form 2 strands and weave a braid. 

2 strands

4 strands and 2 strands 

ready to get some egg paint

Lay it down on a parchment and rise it for another 15 minutes. 
Before it goes into the oven brush it gently with egg yolk.

ready to get some tan

In the lower part of the oven preheated to 200 ° C for about 50-60 minutes.

When you have a convection oven heat it to 180  ° C and bake it for about 30-45 minutes.

If you thinking to freeze the bread bake it just for the half of time, take it out let it cool down. Wrap it into
papersheet and freeze up to 3 month. Whenever you wanna enjoy it, take it out and bake it for the rest of the time until finish.

*enjoy the bread with peanut butter, butter or jam and have a nice Sunday*

Dienstag, Februar 19, 2013

Little Miss Rose...


today i wanna present you my little Miss Rose. I found her on the online craigslist for a few $$. This was a very good buy. As soon she was at her new home she looked pretty old with that dark brown colour on her soft skin. Sad, lonely...let's say she was not really nice to look at.

ugly little Miss before

So i was thinking to give her a little make-over, some fresh colour which fits with the nice seat covered in white green and rosa roses. Maybe the white paint would make her more shiny, but this time I decided to take a light glossy grey, because all my other furniture have already a white coat.
After sanding, cleaning and taping all the edges and straight lines I began painting her for once after a few days later once again and finish was the new princess.

Voilà she's unpayable and chilling in my little bathroom. But I am sure she will not be there alone forever. Do you have kitty cats? 

beautiful little Miss after

If yeas, you know why I am saying this. :)

Montag, Februar 18, 2013

The shabby finds...

...I am so happy i moved into this little village. Here you can find so many little surprises. Especially on two days per week. We call it the trashdays. There is a recyclingcenter in the middle of the village which hides so many good things! You just need a little bit of luck and a good eye.

Vintage tea service for two

It's unbelievable what people throw into the garbage. So sweet things other people probably would pay a lot for. And most of the time the stuff looks pretty new! No cuts, no paint comes away, no dirt on it.
It's nearly better then any fleamarkets or craigslists, and its for free!
Oh...i love second hand stuff.

Like this I always have some new deco material for our home or some new stuff to remodel. And when I get bored about something, I go there again and get some new stuff :) It's a small surprise box with big goods in there.
My boy and my mum are pretty much into it too!
How funny is that.

let's bake some cakes

or a lovely tarte for the love <3

Donnerstag, Februar 14, 2013

Contigo waterbottle and travelmug...

Madison Waterbottle
 750ml / 24oz.

...finally got my two new drinking bottles. I was looking for hours in the internet to find a good quality waterbottle which makes my backpack not always wet. 

press to sip
The contigo waterbottles and travelmugs are pretty famous in Hollywood. So why don't bring the trend here?
Check out the picture of the Bond Girl Halle Barry and Reese Witherspoon.

In my country they are not really cheap but i made myself these two gifts. And i am happy!

They are really working perfect! No water littering, nice design and colours, handle and really good quality.

I got the 

Autoseal Madison Water Bottle in pink/raspberry
750ml / 24oz.

The bottle is 100% BPA free (Toxic Substance).
 So no need to worry about the bottle you are drinking from. The autoseal lid patented is 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof. You only have to press to sip, so easy. Even the hole looks small it comes a lot of water out. Just right for healthy drinking. It's a one-handed waterbottle operation for on-the-go drinking. The waterbottle is made out of tritan, which provides high impact resistance and won't stain or retain odors. The "iiiiuuuuuu" reaction is past! The carabiner clip on the handle makes this waterbottle easy to carry on your backpack or schoolbag. The top-rack is dishwasher safe. The wide opening fits ice cubes, that's really a plus point during hot summers. Remember those old bottles with a mini hole opening? Arghh. It has also a volume marking which helps you gauge the water intake. The 24 oz. size fits most car cupholders. 

I threw away every single other water bottle in my home! 
I am so happy with that one!

volume marking
carabiner clip

and the 

Autoseal Aria Stainless Steel Travel Mug (Vacuum Insulated) in purple
470ml / 16oz.

Aria Stainless Steel Travel Mug (Vacuum Insulated)
in purple 470ml / 16oz.

A sleek mug featuring the autoseal technology for 100% spill- and leak-proof performance and vacuum insulation to keep your beverages hot for 5 hours or cold for 14 hours. Haven't try that out yet but i am really curious if that works!!

It's a one-handed operation too. Just press the button to sip and release the button to automatically seal the mug.


There is an extra button to lock that preventing accidental actuation when carrying it inside the bag or with other items like books or training outerwear. It has a doublewall stainless steel construction that eliminates external condensation. The sleek design fits in nearly every car cupholders. The toprack is dishwasher safe. But i think i will clean mine just with hand and soap. It's safer. You never know what's happening in the dishwasher ;)

The really negative thing on it is the price here in Switzerland. Here you pay like 3 times more for the waterbottle and double price for the travel mug then in the U.S. But yeah...whatever. You can't have everything. But next time i travel to the U.S. i definitely buy some more different once :p.

If you like the post and also wanna to own one please, check out these pages for Switzerland, Germany or USA.

really quick good service!

Dienstag, Februar 12, 2013

the healthy mexican salad… you need a quick healthy lunch to bring for work? I have a easy delicious recipe for filling up your stomach with good carbs, proteins and low healthy fats. With this you will stay full until your snack time and you won’t crave after sweets! It's about 300g of fresh salad. You can enjoy it with a slice of whole wheat bread.  

Red kidney beans 100g: 

These healthy beans are a great source of cholesterol lowering fibre and are rich in vitamin c and high in protein. They also help detox the body. 

Corn unsalted 100g: 

Corn is low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. It has a low GI and is rich in fibre which will help with digestion. 

Lettuce 3 leaves chopped: 

Lettuce is a good source of vitamin A and potassium. Higher concentrations of vitamin A found in darker green lettuces like spinat. You also can take spinat. Whatever you prefer and like. 

Carrot 1 chopped: 

Carrots are rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants and minerals. Especially you will find vitamin A and beta-carotene in your carrot. This helps you have a good vision, including night vision. Carrots can be stored for several weeks in the refrigerator. 

Tomato 50g / 1 small piece chopped: 

They contain one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. They are high in water but low in calories and fat. 

Radishes 2 pieces sliced: 

Radishes are very filling. It fills your stomach and satisfies your hunger easily without giving you many calories. They are low in digestible carbohydrates, high in roughage and contain a lot of water and vitamin C. 

Fresh herbs: 

For a healthy liver and a very good taste take pepper, ginger and coriander.

Light dressing: 

Sprinkle some olive oil, a big spritzer of lemon juice and 2 tbsp apple vinegar over it. 

*Shake well and enjoy*

Donnerstag, Februar 07, 2013

the mason jar labels...

new organised pantry

I like when everything is pretty organised and colourfulWe've got so many jars with ingredients like cornflakes, crunchymüesli, backsoda, trailmix, proteinpowder, pasta, rice, lentils and so on in our kitchen. 

And what happens when you have so much stuff in the kitchen? You can't find it if it's not organised. That's why i like when they are named. 

For that i was searching in the internet for some nice ideas to name all my jars. And look what i found some lovely free jar printables already named or blank if you wish to fill in your own product names in the language of your choice

I just used a semi-gloss photo paper and a printer. So let's do it.

new organised pantry

new organised hot chocolate bar

It took me ages to print, cut and laminate them but i think this has paid off!
They perfectly fit on all the glass jars. Best are 250ml or smaller once. If you have larger jars you can handle it with copie-paste and make them wider and print them out as well. 

I laminate them, so they hold longer away the dirt and they are still nice nearly after one year in the busy kitchen!

new organised pantry

These labels are available in all different colours to match every kitchen.

If you wanna do this for yourself please go to this homepages for downloading the awesome printable mason jar labels!

Freitag, Februar 01, 2013

Good morning...

another day off to start with a healthy breakfast

nettletea, 3min.egg, müesli oats, strawberry,
banana, plain joghurt, grape,  flaxseed, proteinpowder

Vielleicht mags Du auch das noch lesen?