Mittwoch, Februar 27, 2013

new wall color...

we are looking forward to paint our walls in the entry room and down to the basement about 12m2, but really can't decide which color is the best. I like so many colors, but we need one, which don't make the room smaller than it is now. 

First thought was something in moos green, light not bright, soft but not to soft...

ahhhhh and now i found some lavender, lilac colors...but beige or cream I like too.

 It's so hard haha. Any good ideas?

Here are some ideas from different rooms I must thinking into the entry room...uhmmm





I hung up some colorpalette on the wall and everytime someone of us is looking at it, we have to do marks on the favorite colors. 

The goal is to take the color with the most marks...ha ha ha. We will see if THIS color is doing the final run :)
Or should we paint it white again?

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