Dienstag, Februar 19, 2013

Little Miss Rose...


today i wanna present you my little Miss Rose. I found her on the online craigslist for a few $$. This was a very good buy. As soon she was at her new home she looked pretty old with that dark brown colour on her soft skin. Sad, lonely...let's say she was not really nice to look at.

ugly little Miss before

So i was thinking to give her a little make-over, some fresh colour which fits with the nice seat covered in white green and rosa roses. Maybe the white paint would make her more shiny, but this time I decided to take a light glossy grey, because all my other furniture have already a white coat.
After sanding, cleaning and taping all the edges and straight lines I began painting her for once after a few days later once again and finish was the new princess.

Voilà...now she's unpayable and chilling in my little bathroom. But I am sure she will not be there alone forever. Do you have kitty cats? 

beautiful little Miss after

If yeas, you know why I am saying this. :)
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