Donnerstag, Januar 17, 2013

the shabby kitchen buffet...

once i was walking through the basement from my bf's mother i found this old brown buffet with two sweet windows hiding in a back corner. This minute i saw this beauty in my dinner room armed with guest plates and glasses, bright white with a sideboard at the bottom.
That time during the past weeks i was thinking about a nice sideboard that matches with the the top buffet.
I asked her if i can have it for remodeling something nice? She said, sure, this was already in my mom's room xx years ago.
So i went to a local thriftstore searching for a sideboard which could go along with this sweet buffet. In the store it didn't take me 5 minutes until i found that perfect sideboard with tree little drawers and hearthandles.
It was only 30$ yeah. Bought it, drove home and went to the basement starting with my big project. It took me about a week with grinding, painting, waiting, glossing and decorating it.

There she is now in the dinner room. I am pretty proud about it.

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