Donnerstag, April 04, 2013

old armoire found a new place to be...

Hello, I don't know how old this armoire is but I think it was from my grandpa or grand-grandpa!? 

Once, when I was a little girl this pretty old thing was my wardrobe but soon I needed a bigger one because I had to many clothes ;) Until last week it was standing for about 10 years in my parent's guestroom but now they got a new one and I got my old one back yeahh. Even it's not the newest furniture I really like it and it fits perfect in our new basement/laundry room. When I am finish with painting all the walls I will show you some more picture about the whole new remodel room.

I keep all the bed linen, bathtowels and fabrics in there. But as I see it's already full haha..and I totally have some more stuff uhmmmm

Right now I don't wanna paint it. The old original structure looks too nice to change it. 

*Maybe someday*

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