Donnerstag, März 14, 2013

shabby chic rose clothes hangers...

Today I had time to tinker again. I always wanted to refresh my boring clothes hangers and this is something I have now succeeded. 

Your needs:

nice napkin
decoupage glue

With the decoupage technique I decorated my white boring Ikea hangers into beautiful shabby chic hangers. The technique is very simple. With the decoupage glue, which you can get in any craft store, paint  the hanger with a small brush. That the surface doesn't dries out, I've always done it step by step. I have measured out about how big the napkin piece should be and put it carefully on the wet surface. Then paint again over with the decoupage glue and let it dry.

Each hanger is a handmade unique piece, because you place the napkin criss-cross. It always looks good. The whole thing takes a bit of patience, but the result is awesome. For now I leave it by 4 pieces, but when I have some free time again I might going to do some more hangers.

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