Samstag, Februar 08, 2014

Time flies by so quick like 1000 birds from north to south... 2013 went so fast!! It's unbelievable what all happened. We just got married...


Baby Boy inside belly
...and our big present was our little son Len Stian, he was born just 12 days after our wonderful wedding on the 27th of January 2014. 

12 days later Baby Boy sleeping in the buggy

*Len Stian*
Habba habba habba grrrrrrrr
We are so happy, he is so cute, funny and calm. We could cuddle him all the time :)
We enjoyed a beautiful easy pregnancy and fast birth from only 5h, ho ho ho. I'm glad that everything was running like I wished it to be. Nearly no pain, no medication, no stress, lovely people around us, thank you all, and you little boy, you make our little family life just perfect!!!


From now on I am a full time stay at home mommy and watch and help him grow up and learn things for his future life during my hubby has to go work. 
It is sad but someone has to bring home 
the bread & sweets ;)

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