Samstag, Mai 18, 2013

Leftover strawberrie smoothie...

I like bright red colored strawberries because they have a natural juicy texture and sweetness. You can consume it in large quantities because they are very low in calories and healthy for your skin and overall body. Either fresh or in prepared foods such as fruit juice, pies, ice creams or milkshakes you can find them.

I bought 1 kilo strawberries in the supermarket. They were on a very low price you never will get again this summer. But you can't hold them for ages at home. So I've cut a couple strawberries in slices and froze them. With the rest I made a delicious 1 Liter strawberrie smoothie.
Just put milk, nature yogurt, water, mint leaves, flaxseeds and 1 scoop protein powder together in a blender and add some strawberries. Blend and enjoy as much as you can drink. The rest fill in a bottle and consume within a few days. 

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