Donnerstag, Juni 27, 2013

My little garden is growing...

...even summer is not really here yet. Until now we had about 4 days hot summer weather and now it's only 15 degrees. But my zucchinis are growing a lot since the hot impact for 4 days. They are still minis but I hope they are growing big.

Salad, it's skinny growing and the swiss chard looks kinda weird. I thought it will look different but we will see what's happening the next few weeks. 

I am happy my lavender and rose plants are growing nice. They bring a little bit of color and summer breath into our garden. 

I have some common herbes like parsley, lemon balm, wild chive, wild oregano, peppermint, basilic and nasturtium. Since I learned how to harvest basilic it's growing so fast and nice.

 Here you can see some cucumber on the old compost soil. I didn't plant them, they grow from it self. I think maybe from the old seeds in the compost soil. It's a little surprise :)

Also there I planted two pumpkin plants. Hope they will come.

 I still can't see any tomatoes. But the bush is growing high.

 What's that? I don't know anymore. Maybe cucumber also?? You know it??

July is three days away and we hope for some warm sunny summer months and a good home harvest.

*Nice Day*

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