Freitag, September 27, 2013

Maki-Sushi (巻き寿司...

...actually I call it just sushi. I like doing them on my own, so I know what's in there, cheap and fresh handmade. 
It's pretty easy, you just need good calm hands, a bamboo mat, rice, veggies, fish and norisheets.

For the filling I use avocado, carrot sticks, zucchini, peppers and canned tuna. I don't like the uncooked fish, even it's really healthy. One big rolls makes about 8 pieces.

Cook the rice until soft, after put some rice vinegar and sugar under it and let it cool down. It should be a little sticky!

Prepare some veggisticks and the tuna.

Put a foil on the bamboos mat and on top the norisheet.

Place the rice about 1cm high on the norisheet, place the sticks and tuna on it, not to much stuff!!, and roll it softly in. A little press and let it sit in the fridge for some hours.

After take it out and cut it with a sharp light wet knife into rolls.

Enjoy it with sojasauce and wasabicrème, it's
 also called Japanese horseradish.

*Good appetite*
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