Donnerstag, September 19, 2013

From old to new pastel chairs...

...and now they are in my kitchen on the dinner table. 

Two years ago my brother gave them to my parents. He found them on a housecleaning from an old lady who died. There they were standing in the basement for ages until my parents wanted to sell them on the Internet. First I thought okay, I will do this but then my idea was noway...I am gonna paint them in a nice pastel color for my new home. 

We already had some other modern chairs which I don't really like and they don't fit into our new home. So my mum in law took them and I had some free space for some new antique chairs.
They are a little heavy but so strong that a 551 pound person could sit on them.


Not the real one but nearly the same, forgot to take pictures before


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